Hilary Hinds was born in Lincolnshire, England but spent her early years in Nigeria. In 1958 she moved to Northern Ireland where she has remained ever since. She was educated in Belfast, graduating from the University of Ulster in 1994 with a B.A. (Hons).


Since college days she has been fascinated by all aspects of trees, not just ecologically but also as they appear in folklore and mythology. Frequent walks in woodland surroundings feed her enthusiasm for the subject; the beauty of trees in various landscapes and light coupled with the serenity they evoke are a continual source of inspiration. This has recently developed into an interest in painting buildings with gardens.


Her subject matter, however, is diverse and, employing a range of media from oils and gouache to acrylic and watercolour, covers a broad variety of topics including flower still life and small studies of single objects.


Although her first love is painting, at college she was briefly seduced by the possibility of pursuing ceramic sculpture. It was this that ignited her interest in form and the experience she gained during this seminal period continues to influence her painting to the present day.


For twelve years Hilary shared her knowledge and understanding of painting while teaching with the Belfast Metropolitan College. As of 2011 she decided to continue teaching privately, allowing her to dedicate more time to her own practice and commissioned work.


Galleries where she has had paintings exhibited include:


Tom Caldwell Gallery

Engine Room Gallery

Town House Gallery

Emer Gallery

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